All The Way To The USA
Australian WW11 War Brides


Robyn Arrowsmith turned a doctorate thesis into a heart-warming tale representing the 15,000+ courageous women who, during a world conflict, grabbed life by the seat of the pants and made a go of it. Robyn offers a number of stories in her well-researched book. I must recommend this book to all who want to learn about love, hardship, bravery, strength and endurance. All came in a single beautiful package that was the Australian War Bride. (Bob Bach, Editor, ‘Jungleer’, Newsletter of the US 41st Infantry Division, February, 2014)

This was my mother - now I understand!!
This is a well written and historically accurate rendition of a time during WW2 that impacted on many lives - mine included - wish my mother were alive to read this - she went through difficult times with little support in a small farming community in Indiana - she never saw her parents again ... I have been able to connect with my Australian relatives and feel the connection. (Diane Boyd, daughter of Australian WWII War Bride (Amazon), December 26, 2013.)

To America with Love and Babies
Dr Robyn Arrowsmith chronicles in rich detail the courage, separation and loneliness of the 15,000 Australian war brides who left everything to start new lives with their US servicemen. (Tim Barlass, Sun-Herald, 10 November, 2013.)

War Brides find their voice
The author tells the fascinating story of how these “overlooked” and “misjudged” women fell in love, travelled to the US, raised families, adapted to American ways, endured homesickness and finally won the right to dual citizenship in 2007. (Susan Wyndham, ‘Undercover’, in ‘Spectrum’, Sydney Morning Herald, August 24-25, 2013.)

This book enables them to speak for themselves and restores them to their rightful place in history. Not only does it fill a gap in the record and correct the clichés, it has a bearing on aspects of war history, women’s history, the experience of out-migration and, as evidenced in the loneliness, the resilience, the strong mother-daughter relationships and the democratic spirit, emotional history. (Professor Emerita Jill Roe, quoted in Susan Wyndham, ‘Undercover’, in ‘Spectrum’, Sydney Morning Herald, August 24-25, 2013.)

Timely and true
As a war bride, this book resonated with me. Very well written, factual and empathetic. A wonderful, memory provoking read. (Ella Nicklas, WWII War Bride, (Amazon), July 26, 2013)

Not-To-Be Missed Reading
An excellent documentary on WWII Australian War Brides. It is the first, thoroughly documented accounting of the Australian WWII War Brides experience in leaving their much-loved homeland to move to the United States to be with their American-born husbands and begin a new life. This is a not-to-be-missed book on anyone's bookshelf. I highly recommend it. (Robert Pence, son of an Australian WWII War Bride, (Amazon) July 26, 2013.)

All the Way to the USA is the WHOLE story!
It was wonderful…the most complete coverage that anyone could ask for. All week I've been living back in the '40s! (Jean Gilmer, Australian WWII War Bride, July 21, 2013.)

Australian WWII War Brides
The WWII wave of Yankee soldiers arrived in Australia to steal away the hearts of so many Australian girls. This book chronicles stories of commitment, determination and sacrifices these young brides made to be with their American husbands, by leaving their homes, families and friends behind to make a new life in the USA. (Tery M., daughter of an Australian WWII War Bride, (Amazon), July 20, 2013.)

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