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Australian WW11 War Brides

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Robyn Arrowsmith is author and publisher of ALL THE WAY TO THE USA: Australian WWII War Brides, which is the result of her research at Macquarie University for her PhD, which she completed in 2010.  Robyn has travelled to America a number of times to attend reunions of WWII war brides and to visit others at home in various parts of the United States.

News Update 2015!
Later this year, the WWII War Brides Association will hold its annual reunion at Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary, which carried many British war brides to the USA in the mid-1940s, is permanently docked there. It will provide a stunning and appropriate venue for war brides from many countries to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. Robyn hopes to be there!

Robyn’s interest in the experiences of Australian WWII War Brides was sparked by an unexpected trip to Reno, Nevada in 1999.  There she met and interviewed a number of Australian women attending a war brides’ reunion. Inspired by their previously untold stories, Robyn embarked on a project which was to change her life. 

As part of her university studies, she conducted many more interviews during several trips to the US and meticulously transcribed them. She analysed their content to discover how these women, who grew up in the aftermath of WWI and the Great Depression, and dealt with challenges they faced when deciding to marry a US servicemen during the urgency and upheaval of wartime. Robyn’s study of these women has helped to bring awareness to the important role they played as ambassadors for good relations between Australia and America.

A keen historian, with an interest in painting and singing, Robyn now lives in the peace and tranquillity of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.  Here she enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle, having previously lived in the cosmopolitan city of Sydney. 

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